Wanted: Alcohol-Preserved Sphaeromatidae for Molecular Analysis

We are soliciting donations of sphaeromatid isopods from around the world preserved in 95-100% ethanol for the molecular work. Specimens for morphological studies are also welcome.

Coastal benthic habitats that are most productive include coral reef habitats (dead coral heads, coral rock and coral rubble), algae, sand, mangroves, sponges, oyster and barnacle tests, and similar. In temperate and cool waters, algae often have associated isopods. If you are collecting in these habitats and can preserve specimens in ethanol, we would be most grateful to receive them. We will happily pay for shipping and acknowledge your donation.

We have an active collecting program (California, Baja California, Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef, East Africa) and as we collect and sort samples for sphaeromatids, we retain most of the associated fauna. We will gladly exchange invertebrate specimens with you.

At present any and all alcohol-preserved specimens are welcome. If you don't want to or cannot sort to family, we will happily accept all alcohol-preserved isopods.

For further information regarding priority regions, taxa or aids to identification of sphaeromatids please contact one of us.

Thanking you in advance for your sphaeromatid donations,


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