Sphaeromatidae Phylogram

isopod phylogram

The left half of this figure represents our present knowledge of "long-tailed" isopods based on morphological cladistic methodology and is a phylogram of 'long-tailed' isopod suborders and families of Flabellifera based on the Brusca and Wilson 1991 consensus tree. The figure is modified to include the sphaeromatid subfamilies and depict current taxonomy. Sphaeromatid subfamilies are unresolved, and their validity will be reexamined in this project.

The right half reproduces the "Sphaeromatidae" and depicts "aggregates" of genera, reflecting preliminary morphological analyses. Numbers to right of "aggregates" represent the number of genera contained in this grouping according to present subfamilial criteria based on pleopod morphology. Note that some aggregates presently belong to more than one subfamily, and presently 22 genera (incertae sedis) cannot be classified according to current sub- familial definitions.


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