Sphaeromatidae Nomenclature

Summary of Sphaeromatidae nomenclature. Underlined names are valid in the sense that they are correctly proposed. If priority is strictly followed, then Monolostrini has priority over Cassidininae.

Sphaeromatidae Latreille, 1825

Hansen (1905)

Richardson (1909) Colobranchiatae, which also lack pleopodal folds and additionally possess prehensile first pereopods.

Miller (1975) Added the Pentabranchiatae, whose first pair of pereopods are gnathopods similar to Colobranchiatae, but which possess unique folding of both pleopodal 5 rami.

Hurley and Jansen (1977) Elevated Hansen's group names to the subfamilies Eubranchiatinae, Hemibranchiatinae, and Platybranchiatinae. However, these subfamily names were not based on existing genera (i.e., did not conform to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature).

Bowman (1981) replaced the Eubranchiatinae with the new subfamily Dynameninae Bowman, 1981.

Iverson (1982) Replaced the Hemibranchiatae to the subfamily Sphaeromatinae Latreille, 1825.

Bruce (1993) raised the subfamilies Ancininae and Tecticepitinae to family rank.


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