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Notes on the specimen database

This database is a work-in-progress, and is liable to change through time. Please contact us if you find any errors or discrepancies.

The Genus or species name search is used when you have a taxon name for which you are looking. Enter a single term (either a genus or species name) into the indicated blank and click on the Search Specimens button. Note that searches are case-insensitive, and search terms are extended at the end (i.e. "sphaeroma" will match both "Sphaeroma" and "Sphaeromatidae").

The General search is used for non-taxonomic terms associated with the specimen data. As with the taxonomic search, search is case-insensitive and terms are extended. Entering multiple terms will perform a logical "or" search (i.e. any entries with one or more of the terms included will be returned).


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