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 Miers, E.J. (1876) Catalogue of the stalk- and sessile-eyed Crustacea of New Zealand. Vol. 10. London: Colonial Museum and Geological Department of New Zealand, National History Publication. 133 pp. PDF is 204kB


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Text completeness:1/3 Mostly incomplete
Plate completeness:1/3 Mostly incomplete
Text scan quality:4/5 All readable and clearly scanned at high resolution
Plate/figure quality:4/5 Clear high-resolution scan; color retained
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PDF contributorGalatheid Workshop 2007 (Gary Poore)
PDF comments68-69 present

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Reference ID 19869
Reference type book
Authors Miers, E.J.
Publication Year (for display) 1876
Publication Year (for sorting) 1876
Title Catalogue of the stalk- and sessile-eyed Crustacea of New Zealand
Secondary Title  
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 10
Pages 133
Place published London
Published Colonial Museum and Geological Department of New Zealand, National History Publication
Keywords isopoda Rhynchocinetes Rhynchocinetes typus Caridina Paratya curvirostris Atyoida Atyoida pilipes Hippolyte Hippolyte spinifrons Hippolyte bifidirostris Alpheus Alpheus socialis Alpheus novaezealandiae Betaeopsis Betaeopsis aequimanus Alope Alope palpalis Leander Palaemon affinis Leander tenuicornis Palaemon Palaemon ornatus
Remarks Poore has “E.W. Janson” as publisher (listed as “Printer” on cover page)
Reference Contributor Tag galatheid
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