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University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Adam majoring in Biology as a precursor to graduate work. He had his first research experience in high school when he joined NASA’s Micro Robot Explorer Project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an Intern Roboticist. In college, he continued working on the Spiderbot Project as well as other robotic projects as a private contractor for JPL and as a Blue Sky Robotics intern. After transferring to USC, his scientific interests have focused on the biological sciences, and he is enjoying working with Crustacea and Marine Biodiversity Center team members to make literature and new collections available to the scientific community. Since joining the lab in Fall 2008, Adam has honed his expertise in collections management, databases, and all around Museum work. He is describing new species of isopods with R. Wetzer. He prepared these colorized SEMs for the Museum’s 2009 Dinosaur Ball Species Naming Auction.

SanDiego isopod Alaska isopod Puget Sound isopod

Isopod Project Responsibilities

Presentations & Publications

  • Rare, Old, and Precious: Discriminating Pillbugs from Alaska to San Diego Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Oregon 2010
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