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Current holdings: 5324 references (251 certified) and 774 fulltext PDF files (32760 pages).

To give an idea of where the data have come from, this summary shows all people (or institutions) who have contributed over 50 items or actions. We are extremely grateful to the members of the research community who have contributed to make this repository as useful as it is.

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NameReferencesCertificationsCorrectionsPDFsPDF Ratings
Gary Poore3945
N. Dean Pentcheff31781688444
Regina Wetzer115356424142
Assembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda1245443
Sammy De Grave3235
NHM Marine Biodiversity Center760
Galatheid Workshop 2007 (Gary Poore)4124
Jonathan Sepulveda349
NameReferencesCertificationsCorrectionsPDFsPDF Ratings

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